Serious Worlds provides full consulting services. We can help you develop a concept, design your creative, define your requirements, determine a schedule and manage successful delivery of your project.

We also provide support and training services to ensure your solution achieves its objectives and delivers maximum benefit.

Web Design

Serious Worlds designs, customizes and implements open source web solutions including corporate sites, knowledge management, online events, advocacy campaigns, social media presence, intranets and learning systems.

Our responsive web solutions display on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, automatically adjusting for optimal presentation.

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Virtual Worlds

Serious Worlds takes online user experience to the next level with virtual worlds.

Virtual worlds offer highly engaging, cost-effective and low carbon footprint delivery of award winning soft skills development, online conferences and richly interactive collaboration.

We provide creative development, instructional design, event management, new user orientation and virtual world hosting solutions.

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Remote Team Building

Serious Worlds Remote Team Building enables virtual teams from around the world to engage together in online team building though fun, group problem solving challenges while eliminating travel and real world venue costs.

Through our facilitated Remote Team Building program, teams will form, storm, norm and perform in specially designed virtual world exercises.

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Digital Media

Serious Worlds provides 3D and 2D digital animation services for high impact pre-viz, storyboards, animatics and full production videos in support of corporate marketing, change advocacy, learning development and messaging communications.

We provide creative development, animation, motion capture, music composition and scoring, foley effects, editing and encoding services.