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Title Presenter
Symposium Announcement Coordinator
Perceiving Water as Natural Heritage Aristi Costopoulou & Keti Haliori
A New Definition for Earth's Water Cycle William Waterway Marks
Somos Agua: We Are Water Carlos Mora-Gomez
Adapting to Small-Scale Water Management Ann Audrey
Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water Surfrider Foundation
Integrating Art, Design, and Engineering (audio only) Gregory Shinn
Hydromimicry: Water as an Inspiration for Design DL 'West' Marrin
Waterwheel: A Resource for Communicating about Water Suzon Fuks and Panelists
Drifter's Project: Ocean Plastics, Art, and Activism Pam Longobardi
Artists for the Oceans Cynthia Pannucci
Creating an Ocean Experience Thais Mazur
From Nano to Geo: How Art Can Heal Our Oceans and Address Climate Change Mara Haseltine
Bioindicators and Water Quality Catherine Higham
Divining Water: the Art and Sound of Flow Susan Alexjander & Susan Plum
Capturing Human Interactions with Water through Dance Kimi Eisele
Capturing Human Interactions with Water through Photography Red Mahan
Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Water Management Kepa Morgan
From Bureaucratic Barriers to Innovative Approaches Kathryn Parker
Aqua Science and Engineering: An Overview and Hydrothermal Applications Nakamichi Yamasaki
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